Monday, 10 June 2013

This week at Luyengo Fresh Produce: The dam

We planted 5000 cabbage seedlings and harvested cabbage and carrots this week.
The beans and butternuts recovered well after the treatment Tiekie gave them after the hail damage.
Average max temp this week on the farm: 24°C
Average min temp this week on the farm: 7°C
Rainfall Averages 2013 to Date
January     169mm 270mm
February 140mm 180mm
March 100mm 167mm
April 70mm 140mm
May          24mm 110mm
June 10mm
“We finished the dam wall this week and we only have to do the concrete structures inside the dam. I was very worried one morning when I found water inside the dam. My argument is if water can leak in it can also leak out. I had a professional geologist on site and he assured me that that was not too much of a problem. The material that I used for the wall is more of a worry to him, however he feels that I over compensated with the thickness of the dam wall and the compaction and that is reassuring to him,” says Tiekie. 

If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. ~ An African proverb