Friday, 7 June 2013

This week at Luyengo Farm

We planted 4000 cabbage seedlings and beetroot this week and harvested cabbage and green mealies. We are looking forward to harvesting our carrots next week.
The Luyengo area was hit by a storm that brought us 110mm of rain over the past weekend. The heavy rain was accompanied by some hail which damaged some of our crop, mostly the beans and butternuts.
Average max temp this week on the farm: 25°C
Average min temp this week on the farm: 8°C
Rainfall Averages 2013 to Date
January 169mm 270mm
February        140mm 180mm
March         100mm 167mm
April           70mm 140mm
May          24mm 110mm
June          10mm
The dam building is in full swing but the unusually heavy rain of 110mm in one weekend in a month when the average rainfall is 24mm, has delayed our dam building. No work on the dam was possible this week. 
However towards the end of the week the 12 ton compact roller was able to do some work and from next week we will bring in the heavy equipment like the excavator and 10 ton tipper truck.
While we were debating whether we could save the paw-paw / papaya tree that stood on the brim of the new dam or not, nature came along and made that decision for us. The Swazi’s consider a fruit tree food and always wish to keep it but it would have been difficult given its position. Then last weekend the storm and hail came past and knocked that tree down. 

Wise words from Southern Africa: Money can’t talk, yet it can make lies look true.