Sunday, 14 April 2013

More farm news from Heloise de Beer

Removing the maize stalks from the reservoir site

This week we were not able to do much on the farm due to the 65mm of rain we had over two days. However we did plant 4 000 cabbage seedlings and harvested cabbage and tomatoes. The most exciting activity was the clearing of the area where the dam will be built. That meant cutting and taking away a lot of maize. 
The final plans for the dam were circulated to all directors.
Average max temp this week on the farm: 24°C
Average min temp this week on the farm: 14°C
Rainfall Averages 2013 to Date
January 169mm     270mm
February 140mm               180mm
March 100mm          167mm
April 70mm                  65mm
As you can see by the end of March we had about 50% more rain than the average for March in the Luyengo area. 
Due to the wilting problem we have in the field on the tomatoes we are experimenting with the open hydroponic system. That means we are growing tomatoes in pots in the fields. We are renovating a part of the nursery to do this experiment and will be planting the first 1 000 plants with this system soon. Watch this space to see how we progress ( or not). 
Some words of wisdom from the African continent:       To get lost is to learn the way.


Below: breaking down the old piggery on the reservoir site.