Monday, 25 March 2013

This week at Luyengo Fresh Produce 22 March 2013

Vusi on the tractor. 

Good African soil just waiting to receive the seeds.

At Luyengo Fresh Produce we are in a celebratory mood. Our target was to have planted 6Ha before the end of March on this farm and we achieved it this week. 
The crops planted this week include  1,5 Ha cabbages, 1,5 Ha tomatoes, 1,8 Ha sugar beans for seed production, 0,5 Ha green mealies, 0,2 Ha sweet corn, 0,6 Ha carrots and 0,6 Ha butternuts.
Crops being harvested at the moment are cabbages, tomatoes and green mealies.
All the workers at Luyengo Fresh Produce are now kitted out in green overalls with the farm’s name embroidered onto the back, bringing unity and professionalism to the farm. 
Average max temp this week on the farm: 28°C
Average min temp this week on the farm: 16°C
Rainfall Averages 2013 To Date
January 169mm 270mm
February 140mm 180mm
March 100mm 132mm

Death has visited Luyengo and the next blog will be a sad one. 
Some wisdom from Africa:  What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him to learn.