Sunday, 30 October 2011

"Namata urinde." "Watch and pray."

This hymn is very important to Anglicans in Harare Diocese. To encourage each other they use the greeting, "Christian seek not yet repose," to which the response is, "Watch and pray."

Mukristu usanete, Christian, do not tire,
Inzwa Ngerosi yako, Listen to your angel,
Uri mkati memhandu;You are amid enemies;
"Namata urinde." "Watch and pray."
Hondo dzese dzedima,The armies of darkness,
Dzisingamboonekwi, That are invisible,
Dzinoda kukubata; Want to seize you;
"Namata urinde." "Watch and pray."
Tora mapfumo ako Take up your spears,
Abate misi yese, Hold them on all days,
Satan anorindira; Satan is watching for them;
"Namata urinde." "Watch and pray."
Inzwa vakakurira Hear those who overcame,
Vari kukuringisa, They are conquering,
 Ivo vese vachiti, All of them saying,
"Namata urinde." "Watch and pray.

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